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LiHigh School

28 Depot Street
Poulney, VT 05764

Phone: 802-488-4191

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About LiHigh School

An approved independent school accredited by the State of Vermont, LiHigh School builds personalized learning plans around the interests, needs, and challenges of each student. We ask students to conceptualize innovative projects with value in the real world, collaborate with classmates and community members to bring those projects to fruition, and celebrate their successes with the school. Students pursue their high-school diploma by achieving academic growth in reading, writing, the use of numbers, history, citizenship and government, physical education and health, the natural sciences, and fine arts. They also develop their real-world learning with our partners at the Cluckin’ Cafe & Culinary Institute, Horse Amour, and the REclaimED Maker Space. Using project-based learning, personalized learning plans, professional internships, and college-level courses, each student is able to strengthen their abilities while following their passions and interests. LiHigh School provides a therapeutic environment designed to support all of the social-emotional issues that beset today’s teenagers. In addition to their academic goals, every student in the school actively works on their social-emotional goals to become well-functioning members of society.

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