Poultney is a place rich in cultural, historical, and recreational opportunities. At the center of the Slate Valley many employed work with the slate industry, but our little slice of Vermont offers much more.

We welcome all kinds of business whether they are seeking to relocate or start something new. Downtown Main Street lined with store fronts and office space is ideal for new retail or service ventures. We also have have light-industrial zoned factory space and the a historic college campus available.

General Retail Market Profile

Poultney serves three classes of retail customers: Year round residents and visitors from surrounding towns, second home owners, and tourists. The Poultney Area Chamber of Commerce, the Poultney Downtown Revitalization Committee, Inc and other organizations hold events through out the year which attract visitors and tourists. In the summer and fall months a very popular and well known weekly farmers market attracts repeat visitors.

Retail trade areas consist of the Poultney Core area which captures households that shop in Poultney on a weekly or near weekly basis. This area includes Poultney, Hampton, Wells and Middletown Springs.

The Poultney Regional area captures households that shop in Poultney occasionally on a recurring basis. This area includes the Core area plus the towns of Fair Haven, Castleton and Granville, NY.