Poultney Elementary School

Poultney Elementary School focuses on building skills in English, Arts, and Mathematics. Students practice reading comprehension, spelling, grammar, and problem solving. Using grants and support from the community they offer enrichment activities like the arts. This school promises a rigorous curriculum tested using the Vermont Standards test as one metric.

Poultney High School

Poultney High School has a clear and holistic approach to education, melding academic, physical, social, and emotional achievement. Through local pride, vision, hard work, and thoughtful planing, Poultney High School aims to build on their successes, and address challenge areas as they arise.

One of Poultney High Schools greatest strengths is its intimate relationship with the community at large. With a strong and active parent teacher organization they’re able to offer family events for people of all ages; from the Friday night marches and pep assemblies to craft fairs held in the gymnasium.

Go Blue Devils!

For generations we have cheered on the Poultney Blue Devils, the name given to our athletic teams. The many state championship banner they’ve won adorn the gym for all to see.

With the spring come crowds to support baseball, softball, and golf, but in the fall Friday evening pep rallies liven up Main Street. Led by the fire and police department students march from the bottom of Main Street up the hill to the school while onlookers cheer on the football players and cheerleaders. It all caps off with the Friday night dance sponsored by the cheerleaders and football players. With the fall also comes Soccer, and Basketball you can find in the winter.

The Poultney Booster Club holds events and fundraisers throughout the year which go to supporting our athletic teams. Go Blue Devils!!