Poultney Area Chamber of Commerce 2018 Officers and Board of Directors are Approved

At the recent Christmas Dinner and Annual Meeting of Poultney Area Chamber of Commerce, the 2018 Officers and Board of Directors were voted upon by the membership and are unanimously approved.

Out-going President, Jenn Miller of Miller Signs & Tees, “passed the President’s gavel” to Brenda Cyr of Brenda’s Hidden Treasures. Thank you to Jenn for her contributions to the Chamber during her tenure as President. – and “welcome” to Brenda for accepting the leadership role.

Additional officers and members of the board of directors for 2018 voted upon and approved include:

  • Vice-President: Frank Sears of Phil’s Mill and Welsh Presbyterian Church
  • Secretary: Paula Donaldson of Kinney Pike Insurance
  • Treasurer: Mary Lee Harris of Poultney Snow Devils


  • Sharon Kendall of People’s United Bank
  • Kathy Hutson of Young At Heart Senior Center
  • Judy Leech of Lakes Region Radio (WNYV FM 94.1 * WVNR AM 1340)

2 additional directors are needed

All officers and board members are volunteers as are also all businesses who assist with yearly events to ensure success. Thank you to everyone.

New business members are always welcome and are encouraged to join.

Poultney Area Chamber of Commerce, Inc. is a non-profit organization of businesses whose mission is to work together to strengthen our region’s business community.

For additional information about Poultney Area Chamber of Commerce, one may contact the Chamber by telephone at (802) 287-2010, at their office in the Stonebridge building on Beaman Street, or by their email: poultneyvtchamber@gmail.com. Their website is http://poultneyareachamber.com and they also have a Facebook page at https://facebook.com/poultneyareachamberofcommerce/.

Officers for 2018 from Left to Right: Mary Lee Harris, Poultney Snow Devils – Paula Donaldson, Kinney Pike Insurance – Brenda Cyr, Brenda’s Hidden Treasures – Frank Sears, Phil’s Mill and Welsh Presbyterian Church
Photograph by Janice B. Edwards

Written by Janice B. Edwards, Freelance Writer