Evergreen Slate Co. Inc. announces new product and management promotions

Granville, NY. At the International Roofing Expo, Dallas Texas, Evergreen Slate Co. Inc announced a new product to be sold by its subsidiary Millennium Slate LLC. Trademarked The Centennial SystemTM, this is a revolutionary new method of installing slate roofs.

The system involves factory applied hook and loop strips on the front and rear of individual slate tiles. Millennium is launching this product with market leading hook and loop fasteners from Velcro. The individual slate tiles are applied to a roofing substrate covered with hook fasteners. This launch underlayment is InsulBase RLTM by Carlisle Construction Materials. Millennium has domestic and international patents pending.

Millennium has wind tunnel tested this system at 160mph with no damage. Environmental testing down to -40F and up to 250F means this system will be appropriate in all climates. Since no nails are used, hundreds of roof penetrations per square of roofing are avoided. Millennium’s system weighs about 4.5 pounds per square foot vs. 9 pounds for traditional slate. Installation speeds of 5x to 10x or more vs. traditional slate have been demonstrated.

Millennium has appointed Phil Prehoda President. Prehoda will retain his title of Vice President of sales at Evergreen Slate Co Inc. Prehoda said, “Over the years we’ve looked at all the hook, clip and rail systems that have tried to replace traditional slate application methods. This highly automated system of applying the hook and loop tapes in our factory will be a tremendous speed up and simplification of the slate application systems that have been used for centuries. Evergreen will continue to pursue traditional slate application and Millennium will open the market for slate in lighter weight and quicker application scenarios.” Prehoda has been with Evergreen Slate for 14 years and previously served as a store manager at Walmart. He is a Granville native and lives in the area with his wife Carla and daughters.

Evergreen announced the appointment of Thomas J. Collard as President. Tom said, “The slate industry and Evergreen have experienced tough times since the national downturn in real estate in 2007-2008. We are now profitable with a solid backlog of residential and institutional business. We are delighted to be launching Millennium Slate and think it can reach into new markets with its lighter weight and quicker to install system. At the same time we are committed to our 100 year old traditional slate business.” Collard is a reformed dairy farmer and former Agway manager, transplanted to Vermont from central New York. He has been in every aspect of Evergreen’s business for the past 21 years, from its top salesman to head of operations. Tom and his wife Cindy and family live in West Pawlet, Vermont.

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