Stuff a Shanty!

It’s coming up on stuffing season.  You know, stuffed animals?  Stuff a turkey for Thanksgiving?.  

And now there’s STUFF-A-SHANTY!  

The Poultney Area Chamber of Commerce challenges everyone to help fill Loomis Paint and Flooring’s ice fishing shanty with hats, mittens, scarves, and ski masks!  These warm items will be donated to those who need them before the worst of the winter weather hits.  

This year of COVID has been hard on everyone, but particularly those who have pinched by reduced incomes – and there are a lot of us!  Even more particularly it’s been hard on the children. 

The Poultney Chamber aims to collect enough cold weather gear to Stuff The Shanty, with cold weather clothing for kids and adults.  We want everyone to be warm this winter, whether they are just going outside for a breath of fresh air, playing in the snow, walking to work or school, or taking care of shopping or other errands. 

If you knit, crochet, sew, or like to “make things” here’s a project for you!  Maybe you have used but still serviceable cold weather gear at home you can donate, or just like to shop for others.  There are lots of places right in town to get warm clothing and  you can donate starting October 15th!

Organizations are welcome to compete.  Who can donate the most?

The Poultney Area Chamber will be collecting the hats, mittens, scarves,  blankets, and other similar small pieces of cold weather gear from boxes placed at local businesses, and keep track of how full the ice fishing shanty is getting.  

Can we make it by the deadline of Sunday, November 15th?    Help us STUFF THE SHANTY – and help us help others.  

Distribution will begin on Monday, November 16th and will be made through schools, churches, food shelf, senior center, and other similar outlets.  

If you’re not listed and would like a donation box in your store, please call Nina Corbin at the Poultney Chamber, at 802-287-2010, or Wendy Cadieux at 802-558-4971. 

Feel free to share these flyers courtesy of Rebecca from the Poultney Public Library.