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Parade of Pansies

You know, it’s miserable outside.  It’s cold, and snowy, and icicles are hanging from the eaves.  Walking is harder.  You have to put on extra clothes when you go out.  And everyone is getting cabin fever, especially this year.  

Cheer up!  Get a burst of spring right now by calling the Poultney Area Chamber of Commerce and get in on the big Parade of Pansies!  You can order your pansies any time from now until they run out, and then pick them on the Saturday before Mother’s Day when the danger of frost is (hopefully) over.  Just call Wendy at 802-287-9897, or leave a message with Nina at 802-287-2010.  But order early, because at least 20 of the 150 plants are already sold!

Actually, this is the time to be planning your garden anyway.  And won’t it be beautiful with the pansies to start it off?  They’re one of the easiest plants to grow, and they’re hardy enough to withstand a light frost, especially if you cover them.  It will be great to see that early color!  They can be grown in pots on the porch or window boxes, too. 

Pansies like the sun, but they also like to be cool.  So look for a place where they can get the sun in the morning and some shade in the afternoon.  They can spread out from six to nine inches; be sure to leave them enough space.  And they’ll be ready just in time for Mother’s Day!

Suppliers say that plants will be more expensive this year, because they had to dump so many of them last spring when the COVID epidemic hit.  But right now, the Poultney Area Chamber is selling  4-1/2 inch pots of pansies at just $6.00 apiece through their pre-order program!  

So join the PACC’s Parade of Pansies!  Pre-order your pansies now from the Poultney Area Chamber of Commerce at 802-287-9897, or leave a message at 802-287-2010.  But order right away because the Chamber expects to sell out!   

The Parade of Pansies is a fund-raiser for the Poultney Area Chamber of Commerce.  which is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to guide, inspire and promote the best interests of the business and professional members of the area, and to enhance the economic, cultural, educational and recreational opportunities of its citizens.

For more information about Poultney Area Chamber of Commerce, including how to become a Chamber member, call (802) 287-2010, email, or visit its website: