The Bikers are Coming!

The bikers are coming!  The bikers are coming! It’s not Paul Revere, it’s the Slate Valley Epic coming to Poultney on July 31st, 2021.  

The Slate Valley Epic is basically a bicycle ride.  Actually, it’s a competition.  It’s a 40+ mile, over 5,000 feet vertical mountain bike race on Vermont’s newest and best single and double-track trails in Poultney, VT. 

The race is limited to 150 participants, and when sign-ups opened it sold out in less than a day.  Riders will be on the trail from a few hours to all day, depending on their skill level.  

But they won’t come alone.  They’ll bring their spouses, significant others, kids, relatives, friends – and may spend the weekend.  

So get ready to welcome some new faces to Poultney – shopping at our businesses, eating at our restaurants, and looking for things to do.  Of course, area residents are welcome to come to Poultney, too.  

Poultney businesses are offering discounts, special deals, free promotional items, open houses, and who knows what all?  The following are already participating, more to come:

  • Williams Hardware
  • Hermit Hill Books
  • Original Vermont Store
  • Brookside Pub
  • Poultney Public Library
  • Needful Things
  • Taco Experiment
  • East Poultney General Store
  • Picket Fence Antiques
  • Colburn’s Automotive
  • Full Belly Deli

It’s a good weekend to spend in Poultney.  Stone Valley Arts has a display titled “Portrait Of A Community” from July 2 to August 29.  Pianist and vocalist James Brough will appear at the Front Porch Music Series at 6 PM Friday night.  Historical Society museums in East Poultney are open Sunday from 1 PM to 4 PM.  For kids, check out   to see what’s going on.  

Then two weeks after the Epicr – on East Poultney Day, Saturday August 14th –  there will be runners on the trails instead of bike riders – so plan for that, too.  (We’ll get back to you with more about this later). 

This is the first year of the EPIC Celebration.  Remember to put it on your calendar for next year, too!