Another Big Weekend in Poultney

Poultney, Vermont – a blend of the traditional and the modern.  The events on August 14th are a perfect example! 

East Poultney Day is a celebration of Poultney’s historical roots, starting from before the American Revolution with no end in sight.  The town just keeps re-inventing itself.  East Poultney Day is a tradition that’s been going on for 85 years, but the exhibits, demonstrations, talks, vendors, and the rest are ever-changing.  

This year’s theme is “Recovery and Innovation” as the Poultney Historical Society looks back 100 years to when the nation was last recovering from a major pandemic.  From the 1920’s to the 2020″s, and just think of all the changes that have occurred in that time!  

And the “modern” part of the day?  Slate Valley Trails is holding the Slate Valley Scramble – a trail-running competition.  Over 100 runners signed up for various distances, with a new kids fun run too.  This is the second year for the event and Slate Valley Trails is looking to continue in future years.  

Poultney businesses are also celebrating with things to do and people to see in the town.  The following businesses have already signed up to participate, and more are expected.  Watch next week for more information on sales, offers, and discounts: 

  • Williams Hardware is holding an end-of-season clearance sale, open to everyone, not just runners.   
  • The East Poultney General Store will donate a 10 percent off coupon, to go in the runners’  tote bags.    
  • Taco Experiment has a special.    
  • Hermit Hill Books will participate. 
  • The Original Vermont Store will be part of the fun.  
  • Brookside Pub, just over the river in Hampton, NY will provide business cards and coupons for a 10 percent discount for the runners’ tote bags.    
  • Northland Real Estate is participating. 
  • Green Mountain Nugget will have a special offer.  
  • Everyday Flowers will be part of the celebration. 
  • Donna Johnson Physical Therapy has already dropped off their donation for the bags.  
  • The Furniture Studio will donate business cards for the runners’ tote bags.  

There’s always more to do in Poultney and the Poultney Area:  Stone Valley Arts has an exhibit called “Portraits of a Community”, another example of mixing the traditional and the modern.   

There are all kinds of recreational opportunities, from swimming to hang gliding, and from bird and nature walks to teen cooking at the library.  

So put Poultney on your list for Saturday, August 14th!  Visit East Poultney Day when the Slate Valley Scramble is going on, and the businesses are joining in the celebration.