Fall Town Wide Yard Sale Applications are Open

It’s fun, it’s free, and it’s all over Poultney.  What is it?  The Fall Town Wide Yard Sale, of course!   Applications are now open for vendors.

It’s always on Columbus Day Weekend, the second Saturday in October, which this week is October 9th, 2021.  The Chamber last year re-drew the map to reflect changes on the street, and it will be posted on the chamber website.  

So you can pick your favorite spot – as long as someone else didn’t already pick it and pay for it.  First come, first served on the available spots.  Spaces are being rented now on Main Street for just 20.00 each for a 15 foot space – a tremendous deal in today’s economy.  Any and all COVID related restrictions in place at the time will be followed.  

Whether you’re ready to sell artwork, flatware, household goods, chairs, or collectibles, there’s a space for you at Poultney’s Fall Town Wide Yard Sale.  Sometimes people have a new item they’ve never used, or decided they don’t like the style.  Maybe you inherited some old linens, or furniture, or even a kitchen sink. Bring it to the Fall Town Wide Yard Sale, and turn it into cash! 

Townspeople will be holding their own yard sales, cleaning up from the summer, making sure they have garage room from the winter, moving out Aunt Minnie’s knick-knacks, and swapping clothes, tools, furniture and what have you.  You never know what’s you’ll find – or sell.  

Whether you’re buying or selling, plan on staying all day – there’s plenty of food to go around.  Take advantage of the Great Potato Bake!  A cool day and a delicious big potato with or without toppings (and you choose what you want).  Also a good choice to take home for dinner at the end of the day.  As an added incentive:  you’ll be entertained by The Dancing Potato, a widely acclaimed act that’s being repeated this year.  

There are other food vendors as well, with hamburgers, hot dogs, fries, fried dough.  Or you can chow down at one of Poultney’s restaurants, with selections from family style, Mexican, sandwiches, or grab ‘n’ go.  

So think ahead – to the crisp, bright leaves, the cool fall air, and the fun of shopping for things you need, or want, or for winter projects.  See people you might not have seen for a while, catch up on what’s happened, and just enjoy the company.  Check out the new businesses, or the new owners, and see what’s changed.  Bring your hiking shoes, or your bicycle, and enjoy the trails and rural roads!  Poultney is a hub for outdoor recreation.  

Make Poultney your destination on Columbus Day weekend for the Poultney Fall Town-Wide Yard Sale, in Poultney, Vermont.  Whether you’re selling, or buying, remember, it’s Saturday, October 9th from 9 to 4, all over Poultney!   Be there!