Time to Start Thinking about Stuffing A Shanty!

Remember that old phrase:  “Stuff it”? Like you tell your brother to just cut it out.  Or the girl who’s teasing you to stop making comments.  Or in the dictionary definition “Stuff it, I’m 61, what do I care?  

But we know people in the Poultney area do care.  Last year you donated hundreds of pieces of cold weather gear to help keep our local folks warm.  Warm socks!  Hats!  Scarves!  Mittens and gloves!  Ski masks!  Even jackets and other outerwear!  Boots!   

So now the Poultney Area Chamber of Commerce is once again challenging you!  We’re out to STUFF THE SHANTY!

You can start collecting, knitting, crocheting, sewing or buying right now.   Then, starting October 18, bring your warm outerwear to the Stonebridge building or Williams Hardware, and we’ll get that ice fishing shanty stuffed to the top!  

The shanty is called the Sugar Shack, and it’s owned by Travis Baptie of Loomis Paint and Flooring.  It will be set up at the open lot near Williams Hardware.  

This year we’ll particularly looking for warm socks, since our feedback from last year showed that kids especially really needed those.  But adults need them to, so any size is good.    

The last day to turn in your contributions is Friday, November 12, 2021, so the kids have them before it really gets cold.  And by the way, the weather wizards say it will be a cold winter this year.  .  

The Poultney Area Chamber aims to collect enough cold weather gear to Stuff The Shanty, with cold weather clothing for kids and adults.  We want everyone to be warm this winter, whether they are just going outside for a breath of fresh air, playing in the snow, walking to work or school, or taking care of shopping or other errands. 

If you knit, crochet, sew, or like to “make things” here’s a project for you!  Maybe you have used but still serviceable cold weather gear at home you can donate, or just like to shop for others.  There are lots of places right in town to get warm clothing and  you can donate starting October 18th!

Organizations are welcome to compete.  Who can donate the most?

Help us STUFF THE SHANTY – and help us help others.