Lee Lodge No. 30, F&AM Presents an Award from its Community Gifting Fund

Michael Roberts, Treasurer of Lee Lodge No. 30, F&AM, announced that the Lodge recently awarded $500.00 from its Morning Star Lodge No. 37 Community Gifting Fund to the Poultney Welsh Church Preservation Alliance, a 501(c)(3) non-profit.  The award, given for The Alliance’s Building Fund, was given by Lee Lodge in memory of Brother Emmett Thomas. Brother Emmett’s early efforts in raising monies on behalf of the Lodge enabled creation of the Community Gifting Fund to donate to charitable and community causes. The award has been given according to the Fund’s by-laws.

Mr. Roberts said that donations to the Lodge’s Community Gifting Fund will be appreciated and are needed for the Lodge to continue to provide gifts to the community.

Poultney’s historic Morning Star Lodge No. 37 was chartered January 15, 1857. For the majority of its history, it was housed in the 1822 Stone Church building located on East Main Street. Morning Star Lodge No. 37, F&AM was a Regular and Recognized masonic lodge, having a charter through the Grand Lodge of VT, F&AM, which is recognized by the United Grand Lodge of England.  In June 2016, Morning Star Lodge No. 37 of Poultney merged with Lee Lodge No. 30 of Castleton.

Treasurer Roberts explained that Morning Star Lodge No. 37 had two funds, which are now owned by Lee Lodge because of the merger. The funds created by Morning Star Lodge No. 37, F&AM still exist and retain their Morning Star Lodge names. The current fund directors are former members of Morning Star Lodge.  The funds are:

Morning Star Lodge No. 37, F&AM Community Gifting Fund, Inc. – Per the fund by-laws, the purpose of this gifting fund is to distribute monies to deserving charitable and community causes within the Poultney, Vermont area. 

Morning Star Lodge No. 37 Memorial Fund, Inc. – Per the fund by-laws, the primary purpose of this memorial fund is to provide scholarships for deserving Poultney, Vermont graduating high school students furthering their education in any two-year, four-year or trade school program.

Gifts given to each of these funds are tax exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations are gratefully received by Lee Lodge No. 30, F&AM. Donations to either fund, made payable to the name of the fund, should be mailed to: Lee Lodge No. 30, F&AM, P.O. Box 301, Castleton, Vermont 05735.

Questions – please contact: Michael Roberts at: 802-775-2103.

by Janice B. Edwards, Freelance Writer