News from Poultney Cemetery Association’s Trustees

Press release from Rutland County non-profit.

Poultney, Vermont: November

The Trustees of Poultney Cemetery Association said that, as always and for the winter 2021 – 2022 season, its property will close effective December 1st.  Should snowstorms of the winter 2021 – 2022 season begin earlier than December 1st, the property will then be closed. The property reopens yearly on April 1st.

The Poultney Cemetery Association’s property is located on Beaman Street (Route 30) on the east side of the roadway, one and one-half blocks north of Poultney’s Main and Grove Street intersection. For 911 and gps location information, the physical location of the entrance / exit is the driveway between 166 and 198 Beaman Street. 

The association’s trustees said that the 2021 spring / summer / fall seasons have been extra busy within the property. For insight of what has transpired, they invite one to visit the public Facebook page of “Poultney Cemetery Association”.

The all-volunteer Board of Trustees of Poultney Cemetery Association continue to work at keeping the cemetery a beautiful place. They hope that plot owners, family, friends and the community-at-large share the appreciation of this property handed down by our ancestors. Financial contributions, which are tax-deductible, are gratefully appreciated. Chartered November 12, 1862, Poultney Cemetery Association is a 501 (c) (13) non-profit corporation. On November 12th, it will be 159 years of age!

The Trustee Officers of Poultney Cemetery Association are: Karen Moon Atwood, Trustee President; Mary Lee Harris, Trustee Vice-President; DaleSusan Hughes, Trustee Treasurer; Janice B. Edwards, Trustee Secretary; Trustee Directors: Lynn D. McGann; William Peck; Joan H. Bixby; Christopher Pritchard; Lisa Sulham Perry.

The association’s postal mail address is:  Poultney Cemetery Association: P.O. Box 63, Poultney, VT 05764-0063. Telephone contact number is: (802)-779-5534 and its email is: .