Notice to Lot Owners, Families, Friends and the Community-at-large

Monuments restoration work begun in 2021 will start again very soon, weather permitting. Work by the volunteers will be focused on the old cemetery section which abuts to Beaman Street at the property’s entrance area. A significant amount of restoration work will be undertaken in that section. Additional volunteers for the restoration team will be greatly appreciated as work continues. Not all tasks are strenuous. If you are willing to be a volunteer, please call Karen Moon Atwood at (802)-779-5534.

Monetary tax-deductible gifts used for cleaning and other supplies needed for this work, are greatly and gratefully appreciated. To send a 2022 gift, kindly make check (in U.S. currency) payable to Poultney Cemetery Association and mail it to Poultney Cemetery Association, P.O. Box 63, Poultney, VT 05764-0063. Kindly note “Monuments” in your check’s memo line. Thank you.

Poultney Cemetery Association’s all-volunteer board of trustees are very grateful to all volunteers and to all who have donated to-date to its Monument Restoration Fund as well as to its yearly Annual Fund.

The Poultney Cemetery Association is the largest cemetery located within Poultney, Rutland County, Vermont. It is a 501 (c) (13) non-profit chartered by the Vermont Legislature November 12, 1862. It will be 160 years old November 12, 2022.
Tax –deductible donations for both its yearly annual fund and its markers restoration fund, as well as wills and bequests are greatly and gratefully appreciated.

Located in the Vermont / New York slate valley region, Poultney is in the heart of an area known throughout the world for its multiple colors of natural slate quarried from the early 1840’s to present time. Poultney Cemetery is the resting place of many people of multiple heritages and faiths.
Plots in Poultney Cemetery are available for purchase. For information, call (802)-779-5534.

Thank you.

Trustee Officers:
Karen Moon Atwood, Trustee President;
Mary Lee Harris, Trustee Vice-President;
DaleSusan Hughes, Trustee Treasurer;
Janice B. Edwards, Trustee Secretary;

Trustee Directors:
Lynn D. McGann * William Peck * Joan H. Bixby * Christopher Pritchard * Lisa Sulham Perry

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