Town Wide Yard Sale Applications are Out

It’s fun, it’s free, and it’s all over Poultney.  And it’s only a month away!  What is it?  The Town Wide Yard Sale, of course!   Applications are now open for all vendors.  You can get them online at, contact the Chamber at, or call 802-287-2010.  Or, you can stop by The Original Vermont Store and reserve your space with Nicole Austin-Arbuckle, who has the map.  

It’s ALWAYS on the first Saturday in June, which for 2022 is June 4th.  Remember, the Chamber has updated the map to reflect changes in the streetscape.  If you have a preference, be sure to ask.  Still first-come, first-served on the available space.   

So don’t delay!  Lock in your favorite space now, before someone else takes it!  The Town Wide Yard Sale always draws a big crowd, and you’re sure to sell your stuff at a reasonable price.  Just $25.00 for a 15 foot space – a tremendous deal in today’s economy.  Any and all COVID related restrictions in place at the time will be followed.  

Whether you’re ready to sell artwork, flatware, household goods, chairs, or collectibles, there’s a space for you at Poultney’s Town Wide Yard Sale on Saturday, June 4th, 2022.  Sometimes people have a new item they’ve never used, or decided they don’t like the style.  Maybe you inherited some old linens, or furniture, or even a kitchen sink. Bring it to the Town Wide Yard Sale, and turn it into cash! 

Townspeople will be holding their own yard sales, putting out the results of spring cleaning, down-sizing, and changing decor.  They’ll be cleaning out the garage, basement, and attic, moving out Aunt Minnie’s knick-knacks, and swapping clothes, tools, furniture and what have you.  You never know what’s you’ll find – or sell.  

Whether you’re buying or selling, plan on staying all day – there’s plenty of food to go around.  Take advantage of the Great Potato Bake for lunch or dinner!  A delicious big potato with or without toppings (and you choose what you want).  As an added incentive:  you’ll be entertained by The Dancing Potato, a widely acclaimed act that’s being repeated this year.  

There are other food vendors as well, with hamburgers, hot dogs, fries, fried dough.  Or you can chow down at one of Poultney’s restaurants, with selections from family style, Mexican, sandwiches, or grab ‘n’ go.  

So think ahead – to the warm days of early summer, the brightness of the new leaves and grass, seeing everyone again after being cooped up for so long, and the fun of shopping for things you need, or want, or for summer projects.  Check out the new businesses, or the new owners, and see what’s changed.  Bring your hiking shoes, or your bicycle, and enjoy the trails and rural roads!  Poultney is a hub for outdoor recreation.  

Make Poultney your destination on Saturday, June 4th, 2022 from 9 to 4 for the Poultney Town-Wide Yard Sale, in Poultney, Vermont.  Whether you’re selling, or buying, remember, it’s all over Poultney!.  Be there! 

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