News from Poulney Area St. David’s Society

On May 7, 2022, Poultney Area St. David’s Society (P.A.S.D.S.), a Rutland County, Vermont 501(c )(7) fellowship non-profit, held its annual meeting. It was its first official annual meeting since 1 March 2020 prior to COVID-19. A luncheon gathering, the meeting was in Poultney at TAPS with seventeen members in attendance. Last minute conflicts that arose caused three others who had reserved to miss the gathering. A delicious meal, great service and fellowship was enjoyed by all in attendance. The society extend sincere thanks to Whitney and staff at TAPS for accommodating the society.

Business enacted at the meeting was election of officers.

Upon motion, which carried with all voting in favor, the below slate of officers / directors were elected:

  • President – Tom Hughes;Vice-President – Nia Davies Demiray;
  • Treasurer – Barbara H. Stephenson;
  • Secretary – Janice B. Edwards;
  • Directors:
    • Shirley J. Scott;
    • Una Jean R. Capman;
    • Carol J. Deniston;
    • Mary Jane M. Stoneberg;
    • Ken Williams;
    • Nancy Williams;
    • David G. Roberts;
    • John G. Williams;
    • Sheila E. Itzo.
Members of Poultney Area St. David’s Society in attendance at its recent 2022 annual meeting, a gathering of the clans, were:
Front row left to right:
Joan H. Bixby; Sheila E. Itzo; Janice B. Edwards;
Second row left to right:
Nia Davies Demiray; Nancy B. Williams; Paul Itzo; Una Jean R. Capman; Shirley J. Scott; Erin K. Stoneberg;
Back row left to right:
Ken Williams; David Bullard; David Lindner; John G. Williams, Bob Bixby; Tom Hughes; Carol J. Denniston; David G. Roberts.

With sole exception of the society’s Vice-President who was born in Wales, each officer elected is a Welsh heritage descendant of this Vermont/ New York slate valley community. Several are 100% Welsh. Yma o Hyd! (Still Here!). Nearly all the communities within this Vermont / New York slate valley region are represented amongst the heritages of the officers’ / directors’. And, multiple Welsh heritage surnames are also represented within the combined numerous branches of their family trees.

Following the luncheon, several officers and society members went to the Poultney Cemetery Association property to the recently resurrected monument of the poet (bardd) Ioan Eryri and his family. There a blessing was spoken, in Welsh, by Nia Davies Demiray, Vice President of PASDS, a native of the Aberstwyth, Wales region and a current Vermont resident. More work remains to be done at the monument, but significant progress has been made to-date.

For more information, contact P.A.S.D.S. via its email address – .Its postal address is c/o 60 Norton Ave., Poultney, VT 05764-1029, and it also has a Facebook page.

Message phone number is (802)-287-5744.