Stuff The Shanty!

When the weather gets cooler, and we start to see frost, we start to think about what’s coming – even though the leaves are still on the trees, and it seems like the color has just started.  Maybe we’ll even have a stretch of warmer weather again.  

Well, we’ve been warned.  We store away the short-sleeve shirts, the shorts, the sandals and light dresses, and bring out the heavy socks, warm sweatshirts and sweaters, long underwear, woolen pants and heavy jackets.  We take it for granted that soon we’ll be adding extra layers when we go outside.  

One thing that will never grow cold – the hearts of the people of Poultney.  We know you care about your friends, your neighbors, and about the people who are finding it hard to make ends meet.  For years you’ve donated generously to all kinds of fund-raisers, food drives, collections of school supplies, bottle drives, and more.  

Now the Poultney Area Chamber of Commerce is asking you for help to STUFF THE SHANTY! 

Travis Baptie of Loomis Paint and Flooring has agreed to set up his ice fishing shanty – the Sugar Shack – on the open lot near Williams Hardware and Marts Sporting Goods.  We want to Stuff the Shanty with warm outerwear for kids, ages pre-school through 6th grade. 

So if you like to knit, crochet, or sew, we’re asking you to take some time in the next few weeks to make up mittens, gloves, scarves, hats, and warm socks to give to children in the Poultney area BEFORE it gets really cold.  We’re also accepting gently used boots, coats, and jackets in those smaller sizes.  

If you’re not into handwork, we’d ask you to check into some of our local stores and pick up a few items to donate.  Many stores in Poultney carry hats, mittens or gloves, warm jackets and pants, boots, scarves and warm socks.  

You can drop off your contributions at the Poultney Public Library, The Original Vermont Store, Hermit Hill Books, Williams Hardware, the Poultney Young At Heart Senior Center, or the Chamber office in the Stonebridge building.  We’ll use those donations to STUFF THE SHANTY – right to the top!

Last day to turn in contributions is Friday, November 11th 2022, so the kids have them before it gets really cold – and indications are it could be a cold and snowy season this year.   We want every child to be warm this winter, whether they’re just going outside for some fresh air, walking to school, or playing in the snow.  

So pull out those leftover bits of yarn and cloth, shop local stores, and do all you can for the kids.  Help us STUFF THE SHANTY – and help us help others.