AMEX Small Business Saturday

Holiday time!  A wonderful time to be in Vermont in general, and Poultney in particular.  There’s just so much going on (including shopping, of course.)  Memory Lights at the Young At Heart Senior Center and other locations around town.  Woman’s Club Tree of Giving at The Original Vermont Store November 18th and through the season, receiving donations at First Light Technologies.  Sylvia’s Circle Bazaar at the Methodist Church November 19th.  

November 26th kicks off a whirlwind of holiday shopping in Poultney, with AMEX Small Business Saturday, an exciting time for all businesses, organizations, and shoppers.  The Lakes Region Farmer’s Market also brings back the Poultney Christmas Craft and Food Fair at Poultney High School on the same day.  Remember, it’s the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  

The Poultney Area Chamber of Commerce urges Poultney businesses and organizations to make plans to participate in AMEX Small Business Saturday, and the Shop Small, Shop Local campaign.   Decorate your window now, spruce up your store, rearrange a little, haul out those holiday decorations:  let’s get that holiday spirit started! 

For shoppers from Poultney or wherever you come from, check at the stores for special bargains, new ideas for gifts, just the right touch.  For families and for fun, check downtown and at the Poultney Chamber website for special games to play during the Shop Small, Shop Local Holiday Campaign. 

For all who live in our area – young and old, 8th generation or newcomer – remember it’s the small businesses and services in town that provide you with what you need, donate to your organizations, put up your posters, help reduce your taxes, go the extra mile, and keep our small towns strong.  They’re your neighbors, people who’ve kept your organizations running, helped you out when you need advice or just a place to land.  You can help them out, now!.  

Start the holiday season off right.  This is a time for area residents to say “Thank You” by spending a few dollars (or more) right here in the Poultney area, on AMEX Small Business Saturday, November 26th, 2022 and throughout the holiday season.. 

Remember to head to the Poultney Christmas Craft and Food Fair at Poultney High School from 10 to 4 on Saturday, November 26th, as well.  And keep watching for more information at  The Poultney Area Chamber of Commerce is an independent non-profit organization whose purpose is to guide, inspire and promote the best interests of the business and professional groups in  the Poultney area, and to enhance the economic, cultural, educational, and recreational opportunities of its citizens.