Trees, Flowers, Murals, and More on Main Street: Poultney Downtown Revitalization Committee Sets a 5-Year Plan

The Poultney Downtown Revitalization Committee, a group dedicated to revitalizing the town center’s ambiance, economy, and heritage, is announcing several new initiatives for the coming summer months while setting long-term goals for the future.

In collaboration with the Rutland Regional Planning Commission, the PDRC team has been hard at work crafting a comprehensive 5-year strategy for the organization, including a new fundraising plan. This strategic roadmap is part of their renewal application for the state’s Designated Downtown Program, showcasing their commitment to future-proofing Poultney’s downtown area.

Despite the challenges brought on by rising costs, the PDRC remains innovative and dedicated to retaining the town’s charm. The beloved hanging flower baskets, a familiar sight on Main Street, have been temporarily removed due to maintenance costs. The PDRC, however, is exploring sustainable and cost-effective solutions for their return in 2024.

“We need to find a solution that aligns with our budget without compromising on our town’s aesthetic appeal,” said a PDRC spokesperson. Community members who wish to support this cause are encouraged to consider making a donation at to help continue this tradition.

In a bid to add vibrancy to downtown Poultney, the PDRC has launched a crowd-funding campaign to install compelling murals. The community has rallied around this project, and with less than $700 left to reach their goal, they stand on the brink of unlocking an additional $6,500 in project funding from the state of Vermont through the Better Places Program. Learn more about this initiative at

The PDRC has applied for a Hills & Hollows grant, aimed at acquiring new hardware and producing banners that depict Poultney’s rich history. This initiative seeks to convert Main Street into a walkable timeline, serving as an engaging historical journey for residents and visitors alike.

In keeping with their commitment to public convenience, business development, and providing needed amenities to visitors, the PDRC has coordinated a seasonal port-o-john for public use. Located across from the East Poultney Green by the East Poultney General Store, this addition will serve both residents and visitors throughout the summer season.

In the fall of 2022, and through the support of a Hills and Hollows grant award, the PDRC removed diseased, non-native Norway Maple and Ash trees (susceptible to Emerald Ash Borers) from Main Street. This year, in partnership with the Village of Poultney, the group has secured funding for planting up to 24 street trees (including native species and hardy cultivars), scheduled for June 2023.

The Poultney Downtown Revitalization Committee continues to exemplify dedication and innovation in its mission. With a blend of history, aesthetics, and sustainability at its core and a clear vision for the future, the downtown area promises to be a flourishing hub for all residents and visitors in the years to come.